According to Albert Einstein, the definition of insanity is: "to continue to do the same things in the hope that those things will miraculously achieve a different result".  If that's true, then sales managers who are not happy with the results they are achieving, must make changes. Organizations that want to increase their sales results need to approach sales differently to create "the difference that makes the difference" and positively impacts business results. 

When most people learned that age-old equation of cause and effect (for every reaction or consequence there is an action that caused it), they learned an important principle vital to modern business.  Organizations need to fully consider what they can do differently to cause their desired results.  Or put another way, if the desired effect is improving business results through increased sales revenue, what will consistently, effectively, and reliably achieve those goals?

Organizations and salespeople who have 100% commitment to doing whatever it takes to elevate their sales to a whole new level are the ones most likely to succeed. Trying to operate a sales organization without total commitment is like trying to drive a car without fuel.  But every organization has the potential to harness the power of their salespeople, just as surely as oxygen pumps life into the human body.  



The Difference that Makes the Difference

A Commitment to Excellence