Established Relationships

The team at JSST Global Partners has established relationships with manufacturers within China in a variety of industries such as General Merchandise, Hardware, Automotive, Marine, Sporting Goods, Electronics,
Apparel, Housewares, Home Decor, Lawn and Garden, Patio Furniture & Grills, Grocery (Auto, GM, Hardware] and others. At JSST Global Partners, we strive to become a valued business partner providing world-class customer service enhancing our client's margins.

Sourcing From

China Made Easy

We are a verified sourcing company, dedicated to helping buyers source from manufacturer's in China. We provide product sourcing and quality control services.

Importing from China offers numerous benefits, however, one major problem facing importers is locating a reliable supplier and this is where we can help.

JSST Global Partners can provide our clients with solutions for all of their sourcing and purchasing needs. We take pride in keeping our services flexible in order to customize the right solution for each customer.

We leverage our factory relationships to ensure we are receiving the best pricing for all of our clients while maintaining strict confidentiality on all of our customers’ proprietary information.

China Strategic Sourcing

Profitable Solutions

  • Determining products suitable for global sourcing
  • Negotiating pricing
  • Determining logistic and import costs
  • Coordinating formal evaluation processes
  • Assisting with placing and administering orders
  • Facilatating communications
  • Administering quality programs
  • Explaining financial risks
  • Outlining freight, duty, insurance, broker and other import costs
  • Resolving disputes

Importing from China offers numerous benefits and we are the experts at locating reliable suppliers. Our services include:

  • Providing logistics company and importation processes
  • Assisting in selecting viable opportunities
  • Finding and qualifying potential suppliers
  • Helping potential suppliers understand purchaser's requirements
  • Obtaining competitive quotes
  • Negotiating with suppliers
  • Arranging for evaluation visits by purchaser and escorting purchaser while in China
  • Ensuring product quality

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JSST Global Partners Represents the Purchaser, not the Supplier