With over 50 years of combined experience in sales and marketing, business development, management and operations, JSST Global Partners have proven expertise and experience in working with the world’s largest retailers, grocers, electronic distributors and government contractors. Our relationships with the management of these companies has afforded us a strong competitive edge, allowing us to consistently deliver measurable results.




We are the best in class solution for unparalleled success in sales and marketing. Working together with our clients, not just for them, we share an uncommon obsession with producing superior results. Partnering with clients in all sectors and regions to identify their highest-value opportunities, our clients are able to add new sales channels to their existing customer base. This is accomplished without increasing overhead or making drastic changes to existing business models.


Our decades of wholesale/retail experience provides the foundation for our sales, marketing and consulting methods. With a proven understanding of product positioning, packaging and pricing, combined with our longstanding relationships with our retail and wholesale partners, we present your products and/or services to the decision makers.




We work with our clients to maximize their existing capabilities and help them identify opportunities for growth.




Together we build a target account list, pricing analysis, marketing presentation

design, buyer presentations, vendor compliance document completion, and sales forecast.

We ensure vendor requirements are understood and met. 

We provide you up-to-date status regarding such items as marketing efforts, appointments, presentation status,   etc.



Our strong industry relationships and network enable us to leverage growth opportunities.