JSST Global Partners offers clients instant expertise in consumer packaged goods (CPG) sales  management, marketing and  supply chain management. Each sales region is managed by a JSST Global Partner. JSST manages relationships with retailers across the United States.

Skilled & Experienced

At Your Service

JSST Global Partners is a privately held company founded in Thousand Oaks, CA with a focus on offering a customized solution for consumer products companies seeking professional, national key account retail coverage and strategic retail sales and marketing expertise. 

Our Story

Over the years we’ve successfully assisted companies like yours from all over the world establish products within North America.

Our clients span the globe from countries including: China, Canada, Mexico and the United States.

We strive to earn a reputation as one of the industry’s best market development, sales channel creation, and sales channel management companies in North America.

We’ll launch your products in North America, establish a presence for you in key accounts, grow your overall product visibility, establish your initial sales pipeline, book your first orders, and maintain the momentum we create.